Fruit and Fruits – List of the top 100 Nutritious Fruit

The structure that is takes from the root, stem, bark and leaf part of the plant to meet the dietary requirements of the body is call fruit. These are naturally grows on the tree. However, because of high demand, production has done through farming in different countries. We can eat them raw, ripe or cooked and with peel or without peel. Such as: banana, grape, pineapple, mango, avocado, cooking banana etc. The fruits can be of different shapes, such as oval, round, long-round etc. They can be of different colors such as yellow, red, purple, white, green, pink, black, and so on.

They have different flavors to eat, such as sweet, sour, creamy, juicy etc. And it can also make different recipes with fruits. Different fruits have different nutritional qualities. Therefore, according to the daily needs of the body, the amount of fruits is necessary to eat. Fruits have a lot of vitamins and minerals, which are very useful to the body. They increase the body’s immunity and keep the body healthy. They contain very low levels of cholesterol and sodium, which is good for health. However, some fruits have side effects that should eat according to the advice of experts.